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Samantha Kroese: 'I Thought I Had A Better Idea Than Marvel

Published October 29, 2020 | Cloey Kinney

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Undoubtedly, every one of us has had the thought that we could create a better plot than major motion companies do in some of their films. However, not everyone can say that they followed up this concern by emailing a $4 billion company at ten years old. “… I pitched an idea to Marvel Comics about Magneto because I thought I had a storyline better than what Marvel was doing with him,” says author Samantha Kroese. “That editor replied back kindly with their submission guidelines… It was probably that editor that inspired me as a ten-year-old to chase publication.”

Credit: Author Samantha Kroese

Samantha Kroese was born creative. Growing up with three brothers, Kroese found herself into a lot of male-marketed toys, such as G.I Joe and comic books, but writing has been her true calling since the age of eight. She spun ideas into her own point of view from a young age and has carried this belief into her writing even today, challenging stereotypes and ideals. Her first two novels were written at eight years old.

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